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What to do before applying Oil Plus 2C to my project.

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a plant-based hardwax oil that is perfect for a variety of timber projects. It has a unique molecular bonding technology, is available on over 40 different colours, is 0% VOC and has a matte, natural look and feel. Once applied that molecular bond will occur within 3-5 minutes. Excess is then removed within 10-15mins and bobs your uncle.

But, what to do before applying.

Firstly, complete your project. Do all the necessary step to complete your project leaving the sanding and finish to last. This should be the final two steps of the entire project. Here's what you will need

  1. Sanding discs up to 180 grit. You must not ship a grit and you can start were you need to ie 60 / 80/ 100 etc

  2. Spray Bottle with Water

Start with your lowest grit ie 80. Sand your piece at 80 grit until the entire surface is level and clear from blemishes, swirls and any imperfections you would like removed. Remember this grit is important and you need all imperfections removed from here.

After completing 80 grit you should then water pop your project.

Once dry move on to 100 grit. Repeat the same steps at 120, 150 and the final 180 grit, ensuring you are water popping in-between each grit with your last water pop after 150 grit.

After you have sanded at 180 you will then need to clean your surface with Rubio Raw Wood Cleaner to remove an dust or contamination from your project.

You are now ready to start the application process.

Important: Oils show sanding imperfections. it is important to remove any imperfections you do not wish to be been. Oil enhances those imperfections and they will be noticeable after your project is complete.


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