Ocean Shallow 2:1 - 15lt

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Australian Beach Ocean Shallow is used for river tables, coasters, jewellery, serving boards, bookmarks and the like. It is used mostly when pours are required to pour at a depth of up to 30mm. Purchase Ocean Deep if you would like to pour up to 150mm.

·High Gloss

·Resistant to temperature up to 80°

·Maximum pour depth of 30mm

·150m Working Time

·Initial Cure 24hrs

·Full Cure 3 days

·2.1 mixture

·Measure by volume

·FDA approved food safe

·Low Viscosity

·Crystal Clear

·Excellent UV Resistance

It is FDA approved food contact safe meaning you can serve food on the resin however it is not safe for consumption. It has been tested and approved by the FDA meaning you can give your buyers reassurance that it is safe. Always advise your buyers not to cut on resin under any circumstances as it may lead to small amounts of resin being consumed.

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Room temperature should be maintained at 25 degrees. Humidity should be between 50%-85%. Working time, cure time and pour depth varies depending on product type and ratio.

WARNING: This product contains chemicals that are harmful to swallow. Use in a well ventilated area that is dust free. Ensure you wear protective clothing, safety glasses, gloves and/or any other necessary PPE. If eye contact is made flush eye immediately with water and seek medical advise. Please consult the MSDS/ TDS at australianbeachresin.com.au.

DISCLAIMER: As individual conditions vary for each application and use of this product, no warranty is expressed or implied with regards to the use of this product, or that such use will not infringe on any patents. Any information provided is furnished with the express condition that tests will be completed by the user to determine the suitability of this product for the use you intended.

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