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Australian Beach Top Coat 2:1

A Resin designed entirely for Flood Coats.

Shiny vs mat finish is a question that crosses so many minds. In this day and age both seem to be requested as often as the other. When applying a shiny finish to your project ie flood coat, lots of things can go wrong.  Orange Peel, Fish scales, dimples etc. Majority of this issues are caused by contamination or incorrect room temperature during the entire curing process. Hence the need for a specially designed Flood Coat like ABR Top Coat. 

What can I use ABR Top Coat for?
ABR Top Coat can be used for a variety of projects. Its main use is for flood coats. As it is a quick cure resin it reduces the risk of contamination during the curing period. Due to its fast curing abilities it can also be used for jewellery, artwork, seal coats and anything that requires a shallow cast of up to 5mm max.

What are the attributes?

  • High UV resistance

  • 90H Hardness

  • 20min Working time

  • 4-6hr initial cure

  • 24hr full cure

  • Max 5mm per pour

  • FDA Approved Food Grade

  • Non Toxic

  • Measure by volume

What does FDA Approved Food Grade mean?
FDA stands for the US Food and Drug Administration., a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Resins that have been approved by the FDA have completed rigorous testing, that costs thousands, to ensure it is safe for  direct contact with food. Providing the material is kept within the safe temperature range (up to 80°) and cleaning and sanitizing takes place regularly then the products created with ABR Top Coat are safe for direct contact with food.

Note: It is NOT approved for consumption there for should not be cut on. 


Australian Beach Deep Pour 2:1