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Australian Beach Resin Benchtop

Australian Beach Wave Resin 1:1

Bringing you Waves for Days!

Australian Beach Wave Resin, the first resin created
specifically for waves!

Finally a resin created specifically for waves and waves only. It doesn't matter if its a beach, ocean or waves, ABR Wave Resin will help you achieve the best waves possible. Combined with ABR Wave White Paste and Additive you will be well on your way to achieving results to die for.

What are the attributes?

  • Excellent UV resistance

  • High Viscosity

  • 45min Working time

  • 6-12hr initial cure

  • 3 days full cure

  • Max 5mm per pour

  • Australian Made

  • Non Toxic

  • 60° temperature resistance

  • Measure by volume

Where is this product made?

Australian Beach Wave Resin 1.1 is made in Brisbane, Australia. It has been formulated specifically for waves and it is the thickest resin made in Australia to date. ​

Resin Artist and founder of Australian Beach Resin, SJ Campbell uses ABR Wave Resin exclusively to create all her Art Work and Furniture pieces. Combining that with ABR Wave White Paste and Additive provides her with the brightest white possible and starts the celling process before she even starts pushing the waves out. These three products combined really do help to create an amazing work of art.


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