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Born in Australia, SJ grew up on the beaches of Newcastle, NSW. She was raised in a typical Aussie household with BBQ's on the weekends at the local surf club and little nippers once a week. Her passion for art began at an early age with drawing and painting. Over the years she tried a variety of different art mediums and eventually stumbled across resin. Since then she has never looked back. Resin has given her the ability to combine her two favourite places, the beach....and her home. 

In 2020 Australian Beach Furniture was born with a vision of offering every Australian the ability to take her interpretation of an Australian beach home, in the form of a decor or furniture item. In 2021 she seen a gap in the market and decided to branch out and teach other Australians to create beaches with products that not only do the job, but are of a high standard. From then on Australian Beach Furniture changed to Australian Beach Resin and the rest is what you would now call history.

Together with her partner, Mike, they now continue to make furniture but their main focus is providing Australians with quality products to create their own master pieces. They have over 20 of their own hdpe mold designs, that are manufactured right here in Brisbane, and their own brand of Resin for a variety of projects. They continue to name their products after Australian beaches in hope to promote Australia and the beauty that we have in our own backyard.


Our Mission at Australian Beach Resin is simple.


Formulate all our products to a high enough standard that we use them ourselves, on a daily basis.

Ensure every design and product is tested, over and over again for effectiveness and is capable of doing what is it was created for.

See and treat every customer as an artist and not a number, and answer every question to the best of our ability.​


  • Honesty

  • Trust

  • Accountable

  • Passion

  • Fun

  • Humble

  • Family

We live by these values at work and at home.

Children Cleaning Beach
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