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Great Pink Slug Glass

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Product Details

These glass pieces can be an stunning inclusion to any resin or art work. Ideal for lining the floor of a resin board or river table or using in an wall art piece. Packaged in a stackable 1 kg clear, plastic Jar.

CAUTIOUS of choking hazards. This product is not suitable for children. Some edges may be sharp, always wear gloves.

It is recommended that this product should be washed and dried to remove any contaminants before being submerged in resin.

This product contains chemicals that are harmful to swallow. Ensure you wear protective clothing, safety glasses, gloves and/or any other necessary PPE. If eye contact is made flush eye immediately with water and seek medical advise.

As individual conditions vary for each application and use of this product, no warranty is expressed or implied with regards to the use of this product, or that such use will not infringe on any patents. Any information provided is furnished with the express condition that tests will be completed by the user to determine the suitability of this product for the use you intended.

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