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Featured Artist

Kerrie May Grant

Resin mixed media Artist & Sewing enthusiast

Kerrie from Kerrie May Designs creates unique original wall art and handmade earrings. She is a 48-year-old empty nester & Nanna as well as a full-time employee for NSW Health. She has always been an Artist, with my first love being graphite pencils and portraiture. Over the years she has enjoyed experimented with many mediums and has developed her skills into something new – Abstract Art!

She now has a very successful business called Kerrie May Designs, where she brings her Art to those that are after something totally unique and fresh.

Kerrie Grant

As a child Kerry always enjoyed drawing. Her year 5 schoolteacher, Ms Anderson, would often tell her that her drawings were fabulous and she encouraged her to practice all the time. From this, Art turned into Kerrie's favourite lesson, so much so she ended up doing 3 art relate units during her HSC. She had always hoped it would lead to career as a Graphic Artist however whilst she had the marks and ability, unfortunately her life lead a different path.

To Kerrie, art comes in many forms, whether it is drawing, painting, sewing, woodwork....basically creating anything! She creates her art in moments of spontaneity and draws her inspiration from my current emotions. Art relaxes her and gives her something to do in her spare time. It fills the void as an empty nester.

Kerrie grew up admiring the works of Salvador Dali and Kathy Kollwitz. She studied both artists during her HSC and they have always resonated with her. She have a few sneaky works of theirs in her home that she recreated, adding abit of her own style. She loves the surrealism of Dali, the way he distorts his images to create a dream like state.

Kathy Kollwitz is completely the opposite to Dali. Her works are more realistic and dark, representing and depicting life during her time. Drawing from both artists Kerrie has enjoyed experimenting with different mediums to the point that she has no set technique due to the enjoyment in a variety of art.

Kerrie's first commissioned art piece was to create a large resin abstract with a few basic colours offered as a guide. She was given complete freedom of style and spent several weeks reworking the piece until she was confident enough to present to the buyers. The couple were so overwhelmed with the artwork she created, they decided to hang as a display in their main dining room.

Like most artists Kerrie admits she is her own worst critic. She second guesses herself all the time. She is always working on her technique and ideas as well as finding the time to spend on her art!

This year Kerrie's work was recognised for its uniqueness and was used in the background of ABR's Jewellery Cast. Kerrie's are designed with beauty and class and they have been showcase regularly on social media as outstanding creations.

Kerrie uses Australian Beach Resin products for all her resin pieces including ABR Top Coat, Jewellery Cast, Wave Resin and Pigments Pastes. This year she hopes to engage more buyers in Australia and retire from her current employment to focus more on her art.

If you would like to follow Kerrie here are her links


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